10 Powerful Coin Master Tips and Tricks - New Strategy Guide

In this post, we have provided some Coin Master tips and tricks. All these coin master tricks will help you a lot in playing the game. Most of these tricks are about getting "Rare cards or gold cards for a Coin master" and "how to do big raids." And other new tips that are popular on the internet. You can take advantage of these tips and tricks. So let's see how these tips work.


The trick for Send more than 5 cards in Coin Master

As in Coin Master Game, there is a limit of sending 5 cards to your Facebook friends every day. If you want to send more than 5 cards to your Facebook friends in one day. So change the date of your phone. And you can send 5 more cards to your friend. Keep this in mind when you change the date, only one day ahead of the current date.

The second method In this method, you have to uninstall your game from your phone. And re-install so that you can send 5 more cards to your friends.

The trick of getting treasure coins from the last hole in the raid

When you raid other villages. Mostly you will always get a treasure trove of coins in the first two holes. And in the last hole, you will seldom receive the treasure of these coins. So use the two-finger trick to get the treasure in the last hole. In this trick, you have to open the first two holes and then open the last two holes by quickly clicking on them with your two fingers. And only if you do this process very quickly will there be more chances to get the treasure in the last hole.

Get daily free spin in Coins Master.

If you need a coin, master spin every day, or you have less spin. And you need a spin for your new trick, "to open the chests," or even more coins. So read our coin master free spin post Now. You will find links to free spins and coins here. And tips too.

Super Betting tricks in Coin Master

You can bat super if you have enough spinners. You can bat up to 100 spins in Coin Master and 200 spins during bat ballast (up to 500 spins for VIPS). These tricks are very powerful in getting big raids in coin master. Here you have to spin your maximum bat 3 times, lower the bat, and make sure that the bat does not go below 50 spins. After a few spins from a low bat, go to the maximum bat once again, and your chances of getting a big ride will increase.

Active your Pet without food

How to activate your Pet without food. If you feed a pet food, it is activated for four hours, and you can use the power of this Pet till then. Now let's see the tricks on how to make a pet active without food. Coin Master gives all pets 30 minutes every 24 hours. You can activate pets for 30 minutes without food.

If you have a few spins or a little time to play the game, then you can take advantage of this free 30 minutes every day. And when you are free to play a game, you can use the power of the Pet for 4 hours after feeding the food.

Coin Master levels to stay on.

In this coin master tricks, you can stop at the village level and buy chests to get missing rare and gold cards. You should stay in all the villages and buy all kinds of chests. Because some cards are very rare, and they are hidden on different levels. If you do not stay at the level you get this type of card, it will be challenging to get it later. And there are some villages where if you spend more time on it and buy more chests, there is a possibility of getting such a card. And such levels are called boom villages in coin master.

How To Become a VIP player

If you want to be a VIP player, you have to work hard. Let's learn how to become a VIP player. You can become a VIP member only if you get an invitation from Coin Master. And for that, you have to spend a lot of real money on Coin Master Game. So your chances of becoming a VIP player will increase. There is no guarantee of how many times you will become a VIP player, and I have never spent money on this game.

Join Facebook Groups for Getting Cards

You are missing a card in the set. So you can use Facebook to get it. There are so many pages and groups on Facebook. There you can ask for this Coin Master's card from the group member. Or you can get your missing card by exchanging one card for another. On this website, we have given many names of the Facebook groups. So you can follow it.

Super Coin Master tricks - Play with multiple accounts.

In these tricks, Many people create another Facebook account and play another Coin Master on it. And this second account is used as a baby account. That is also called Coin Master Baby Account. And you can use this in your main coin master game to get more coins, gold cards, or even rare cards. If you have missed a card, you can use Baby Coin Master in my main account.

And you can use App Cloner to exchange accounts. From which, you can make different versions of both apps on the same phone. And with this, you don't have to remove or re-install any app.

Coin Master rules and regulations tips

If you can make rules with Facebook friends in Coin Master, this will be a huge benefit. The tricks have been discovered by a skilled player from Coin Master, which is very simple.

  • The first rule:- Don't attack your friends and tell them not to attack your village. If you click on the Revenge button while attacking, you will see many players who are not on your Facebook friends list. Attack there. And avoid attacking each other's villages.

  • The second rule:- When you raid your friends. So be careful. If you get 5 million or more raids, send a direct message to your Facebook friend. And tell him to use his coins and wait until he uses those coins, and after using all the coins, you can raid him. Doing so forces the raider to use his original coin, and you get to dig up the original coin that is available.

If many players don't play this way, be careful, find such Facebook friends, and talk to them about this rule. No problem if he agrees. But if he disagrees, you can unfriend that Facebook friend. And try to find new friends.

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