Coin Master Joker Card - Joker Events, Tournament , and Card Usage

Hello Coin Master Game Lover, In this post, We will discuss Coin Master Joker Card, Joker Event, Tournaments, How to Get Joker Card, Use of Joker Card and Joker Card Expiry Time, etc.


There have been a lot of New updates in Coin Master in recent times. And Coin Master game Team has added many New Future and Events in these updates like the Joker Card, reward calendar, cards for chests, etc. So let's talk more about this card, and first of all, find out what this Joker card is.

What's the Joker Card In Coin Master

There will be many people here who know what this Joker card is. If you know about Joker cards, you can skip this paragraph. And if you don't know, you need to know about this card. This Joker card of Coin Master is very useful. With this card, you can get any of your missing favorite cards, whether it is a golden or rare card, with the help of this Joker card.

You may be surprised to hear this. You can also call this Jockey card a powerful magic card of Coin Master. So now, let us know a little bit about how to get this card.

How to Get Joker Card in Coin Master

How do you get this joker card in this coin master game? This card is very powerful, so it is a little difficult to get this card. You get this card in the Joker box, and there is only one Joker card inside this box. Let's see where you can get this card from.

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Get the Joker card from Crate.

This card is found in the Coin Master Joker Crate, and you can receive this card crate from many Coin Master events. First of all, you need to more coin master spins and coins from this page to get this card. And if you have enough Coin Master spins, you can easily get this Joker card by completing the event. We will see in the next paragraph in which events you can get this card.

Coin Master Card Chests

Get a Joker card from Coin Master Card Chest. This is another way you can get a Joker card. If you want to get the Joker card from the card chest, you need to be in Coin Master Village 110 or above. If you are in a village of 110 or more of Coin Master. So you can open 50 card chests and get 1 Joker card or more from inside.

Coin Master Joker Event

A joker event is a tournament event. You can get a joker card by playing this tournament event. If you want to get a Joker card in this tournament, you can get this card by staying in first place in the tournament and winning the tournament. There are many types of tournaments, such as

Coin Master Joker Tournament

You can get Joker cards in all of the following "tournament events." But every time you don't get a chance to get a Coin Master's Joker Card at these events, always play the event after seeing the event rewards.
  • Diamond tournament Event
  • Joker tournament Event
  • Rose tournament Event
  • Mystery tournament Event
  • Basket Blast Tournament Event
You can get the Joker card by playing all the above tournaments and winning.

How to use Joker Card in Coin master

This Coin Master's Joker card is very easy to use. Let's see how you use this Joker card. After receiving this card, you can get any of your favorite cards, whether it is Gold or Common Card, with the help of this Joker Card. Always choose a card that is a little harder to get from the chest. So always be careful, and use this Joker card only after choosing Gold or Rare Cards. Learn about the expiration date of this card in the next paragraph.

Coin Master joker card Expiry

The Joker card expires in 24 hours. So you have to use the Joker card within 24 hours. If you don't use the Joker card in 24 hours, you will lose the card. Always be careful. And always get your favorite card with the help of the Joker card. And make sure you don't waste your card.

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