Pets in Coin Master - The Power of Max Level Foxy, Tiger, Rhino

This post is dedicated to Coin Master Pets. Here you can find all the information about Pets in Coin Master, such as what pets do, how many pets there are, how to get them, Pets Levels, Pets Food, Pets XP, Coin Master's Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino Pets Power, Abilities and these pets How it works.


We will discuss each of the points given above, it will help you a lot. There will be many people here who know everything about these pets. All these people have been playing this game for a long time.

What do pets in Coin Master

These pets play a big part in the Coin Master game. These pets give players more coins, security, and other bonuses in Coin Master. There are many pets in Coin Master. 

And all the pets work their own way and help the players in the game like real life. With the help of these pets, you can also get double coins. These pets also give a lot of excitement to the players while playing Coin Master.

How Many pets in Coin Master

New players want to know how many pets there are in Coin Master. There are 3 pets in Coin Master.
  1. Foxy
  2. Tiger
  3. Remain
These 3 pets are currently in Coin Master. These three pets have their own different abilities. Pets help you by using their power. So you can enjoy the game more. Let's learn more about these pets.

How to Get Pets in Coin Master

You have to complete different stages to unlock or get pets in Coin Master. When you reach the fourth village in Coin Master, the first pet foxy is unlocked. These pets are inside the eggs. When these pets are unlocked, you have to break the egg by clicking on the crack of the egg.

Then you get Tiger Pet. To unlock this Tiger Pet, you need to get all the cards from Coin Master's Beasts card set, and you can get this Pet.

Rhino This paste is the last pet in Coin Master. You can unlock this PAT after getting all the cards from Coin Master's Creatures card set to get this PAT.

This card set is a bit difficult to complete. So you can go to our Rare and Gold Card article. In this article, we have provided the best tips and tricks to get the card. And if you need a spin to complete this set, you can get a free spin from the Coin Master form here.

Keep reading to know the strengths and abilities of each pet.

Coin Master Foxy

These pets are trendy in Coin Master. And people love to use it. Let's see how to use this Coin Master's Foxy Pet.

When you raid another village, they give you four "X" marks and 3 shovels. With this shovel, you can get a coin by clicking on the 3 "X" sign. And the fourth X sign you can dig with the help of Foxy. And Foxy multiplies those excavated coins by the amount of your raid with its level and%. And then he will give you the coins by adding them to the amount of your raid.

Coin Master Tiger

The job of the coin master's tiger pet is to increase the coin while attacking. Tiger pets increase in coin according to their level and percentage. This tiger pet also increases your coin if you attack someone else's village and the barrier shield comes.

You can use this pet more during the "Tiger Tournament" and "Attack Madness Event." This event will give you more coins and a great chance to win the event with the help of Tiger Pet. So make sure to use this pet.

Coin Master Rhino

This Rhino pet in coin master is very powerful. What does the rhino pet do in coin master? This Rhino pet protects you from the attack of enemies in your village. If you do not have a shield, you can activate this pet. So that no one attacks your village.

Rhino Pets protect your villages according to their level and percentage. The higher your level and the higher the percentage, the more security your attack will provide to your villages.

Pets levels

To get more rewards in Coin Master, the higher the pets' level, the bigger rewards you can get. Below we have given the max level of each pet of Coin Master. And also the percentage of his reward and abilities.

Foxy Max Level

Foxy is the most popular pet and also my favorite. Speaking of the maximum level of these pets, "135 is the highest level of Foxy". Increases your reward by 102%. If your raid is 20 million coins, then add 106% to that raid. So you get 40 million + coins from that raid. So be sure to use this foxy when you raid.

The Highest level of Tiger

This is my second favorite pet in Coin Master. This pet also increases your rewards just like Foxy's. and These pets will increase your reward when you attack other people's villages. The maximum level of this pet is 129. And increases your reward by 410 percent. For example, if your attack reward is 5 million coins, then 410% will be added to it, so your coin reward will be 25.5 million.

Rhino Max level

Radio is also Coin Master's best pet. These pets work to protect the villages. Speaking of the maximum level of Rhino, it is 99. And at the maximum level, there are 70% chances to block the attack.

Pets food

You need pet food to activate pets in Coin Master. Coin Master has three pets: Foxy, the second Tiger, and the third Rhino. You have to feed the food to activate these pets. When you feed any pet, it will stay active for 4 hours.

Many people ask me how to feed pets. So you should always feed the pet you need when you are ready. So that your pet food will not be wasted. Because pets food is challenging to get.

How to get pet food

To get more pet food, you have to take the help of Coin Master's events. You can get these free pets food with the help of various events like Viking Quest, Tournament event, Village Master, etc. You can get these pets food by playing the event.

Pets XP, Update, and Star

XP is used to update Coin Master's pets. With XP, you can update any Coin Master Pet. And you can increase your star by updating it. When you update a pet's level via XP, you also receive a designated star for every single level update. And the more your pet is updated, the bigger the reward. Read the following paragraph to get the XP of Pets.

You can get help from the event to get XP for your pet. And in each event, you are provided with XP. Or you can get XP by playing your favorite event. And secondly, when you use Pats, you will also be given some XP gifts by Coin Master.

We hope our post helps you. Here are questions about pets. If you have any questions, ask us without any hesitation, we will try our best to solve them.

Wich Pet Best in Coin Master?

In my opinion, Coin Master's best pet is Foxy. And this is also my favorite pet.

What is your favorite pet? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Your information here is wrong according to customer support.
    I’m at Rhino level 85 and have 67%. Here’s info I got from support:
    1) The maximum ability chance of Rhino: 70%
    2) The maximum ability chance of Foxy: 106%
    3) The maximum ability chance of Tiger: 410of Foxy: