Coin Master Rewards Calendar - Daily Spins Reward Update


A few months ago, a new future called Coin Master Reward Calendar was added to Coin Master. So in this post, we will discuss this reward calendar of Coin Master, such as Rewards of Rewards Calendar, Calendar Time, Update, Daily Free Rewards, and how this Reward Calendar works, etc. So let's learn more about this wonderful future of Koin Master.

Coin master reward calendar update

If we talk about this reward calendar update, this update had come in 2019. And the update is only a few months away. After this update, free spins, coins, etc., are given to the fans of Coin Master every day in this reward calendar. And fans of Coin Master can enjoy this game more. Read the next paragraph for the reward list of this new future.

Reward calendar reward list

Here I have listed below the rewards of the Coin Master Reward Calendar. The list goes on in your village. The higher the village level, the bigger prizes you can get every day.
  • 1st day:- 20M Coins
  • 2nd day:- 40 Spins
  • 3rd day:- 40M Coins
  • 4th day:- 80 Spins
  • 5th day:- 40M Coin and Magical Chest
  • 6th day:- 100M Coins
  • 7th day:- 200M Coins, 160 Spins, 25K XP, 1 pet food.
The playlist above is as per village 131. This week's rewards are given to you according to the level of your village. So your rewards may be different.

Get Daily Rewards in Reward Calendar

In this paragraph, let us know in-depth about the rewards of the daily reward calendar. This Rewards Calendar offers you free spins, coins, pet XP, and chests every day. And also offers you a Mistry Box every week.


In this calendar, you are given in Coin Free. And Rewards Calendar offers free coins on different days and in different amounts.


The calendar also offers coin master spin with Coin, and this free gift is provided to you according to your village level. You can see this spin in your calendar, and you can take advantage of it by collecting it.

Chests and Pet XP

This is the big advantage of the calendar. You can get a free chest and a free XP for your pet in the last 5 or 7 days after you collect the rewards every day. And using this free gift, you can quickly move on to the Coin Master game.

Mystery Box

The Coin Master Rewards Calendar offers daily prizes as well as a Mistry Moksha every week. And you can also get different rewards like spin, Coin, chests, joker cards, and normal or gold coin master cards. So don't forget to collect this Mistry box too.

Reward calendar time and summary

From time to time, you are given a prize in the Rewards Calendar every next day. And thus offers you a 7-day login reward. And offers you a magical chest on the 7th day. If you miss a day, it starts again.

And the second reward is given on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 30th days. And it gives you magical chests, spins, etc., in the reward, there is no problem with missing the date. So enjoy this game.

Coin Master reward calendar not working?

A lot of people ask me, Coin Master's reward calendar doesn't work. If Coin Master's Reward Calendar doesn't work on your phone, you need to uninstall and reinstall Coin Master Game from your phone. Doing so will make the reward calendar work in your game.

How to get a reward calendar on coin master?

If your game does not have a Rewards Calendar, you need to update your game, update the game and check again if the Rewards Calendar comes. If it still doesn't come, follow the above method.

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  1. Finialy someone with the truth about all those thousands of free spins post.
    So many are still falling for those and giving away personal information to receive them and get nothing.
    Thank you for helping the player community.