Coin Master Tournaments - Strategy | Tricks | Schedule & Rewards


In this post, we will know all the information about Coin Master tournaments. What is this tournament? And read on to learn more about the rewards, tricks, strategies, and schedules of this tournament event. There are many events in Coin Master, and one of them is tournament events. So, first of all, let's know the benefits of this tournament event and what this event is.

What is this Tournament?

The tournament is a very famous event in a coin master game. This event gives you an excellent opportunity to get Spin, XP, Coin, Missing Gold, and Rare Card. In this event, you have to proceed by collecting more points than the opponent. If you receive more points and reach the first three places, you can get huge prizes.

And to collect these points, you have to earn more points with the help of the Attack, Raid, and Slots machine. The unique thing about this event is that you get a chance to get more prizes in the event than in other events. So let's talk about the rewards of this tournament.

Tournament Rewards in Coin Master

In this Coin Master Tournament, you can get excellent rewards like other events like Attack Madness, Raid Madness, etc. Especially here, you have an excellent opportunity to get a "Joker card." With this Joker card, you can get the gold or rare card of your choice. And at the same time, big rewards of spin, coin, and pet XP are also given in this tournament event.

And in this tournament, you will get big rewards as you get a higher position.
Secondly, there are many different types of tournaments. And they all have different rewards and prizes from the tournament.

Coin Master Next Tournament and Schedule

People always ask me what the schedule of this Coin Master's tournament is. And when will the next tournament come? So I did a lot of research on Google to know about this tournament schedule. So in this research, I came to know that there are different types of these tournaments. The list of these types is given below.
  • Diamond tournament
  • Joker tournament
  • Rose tournament
  • Mystery tournament
  • Basket Blast Tournament

All of these tournaments come randomly in the Coin Master event. Any events can come from the list above. And if you want to know when the next tournament will come, you can follow the Coin Master's official Facebook page. Because there you can find out what the next event of Coin Master will be.

Best Tricks for Beat the Tournament

You have to use tricks to beat the tournament. Pay close attention to your Coin Master's spin while playing the tournament because if you don't use the trick in the tournament, your spin will be wasted.

Let's see the trick now. First of all, you need a little more "Daily coin master spin link." If You have 3000 or more spins, you should play the tournament. And when the tournament event comes, in the last 4 or 5 hours of that event, look at the points of your first number opponent and then play the tournament. And decide if you can beat the opponent and if you can beat, play this event.

Working Coin Master Tournament Strategy

I told you in the above trick that you have to play the tournament in the last hours. So we will make the strategy of this tournament more advanced so that you can stay in first place in the tournament and get more rewards.

When the tournament event starts, I try to get points initially and stay in the top 10 positions. After getting ready, look at the points of your group's opponent and move on and try to stay in the top 10. Now come to the top 3 when it's the last hour of the event. Move on after arriving in the first 3 places. If you lose your place, try to come first in the last 10 minutes of the event. That's all. So follow this Coin Master Tournament strategy and tell us what the result is.

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