Coin Master Viking Quest - Bonus Wheel and Event Winning Tricks


This post is entirely dedicated to Coin Master Viking Quest. On this page, we will discuss all the aspects of Viking Quest, such as what Viking Quest is, from which village this event starts, how to win Viking Quest, Bonus Wheel Tricks, Viking Quest Rewards, Mission, and Levels, etc. Here we will discuss all of it. So let's read more about this event first.

Coin Master Viking Quest Event

Speaking of the Viking Quest event, these are the most popular events of the Coin Master. And this is the most favorite event of Coin Master Game fans.

You could call Viking Quest another game within the Coin Master game. Because in the event it gives you another slot machine. You have to use a coin to run this slot machine. And using this machine you can win a lot of prizes like spins, coins, cards, etc. It also gives you 3 minutes of ride protection when you spin the Viking slot.

What Village Does Viking Quest Start

A lot of players are newcomers to the Coin Master game. They always ask questions. In which village is Viking Quest unlocked? Or how to get Viking Quest? The answer is Viking Quest unlocks after completing 20 villages in Coin Master. And once this event is unlocked, you can take full advantage of this amazing Evet. If you have not reached the 20th village, hurry up and reach the 20th village.

Viking Quest Rewards, Levels, and Missions

When you play a Viking Quest event, there are different types of missions. And there are 10 levels of this mission. If you complete these 10 missions, you can win a big prize. This event has two types of missions. The first Regular, and the second is the Bonus wheel.

Regular missions

There is a challenge at each level: - If the mission says "Win 15M Coin," it means that you have to spin the slot machine and win a total of 15M Coin to complete this mission.

Bonus Wheel mission

In this "bonus wheel" mission, you can win coins by hitting three bonus wheel symbols in a single row. This mission has come twice in the Viking Quest event. The first bonus wheel mission in The 5th level is, and the second is the 10th level. And You may need a lot of coins to complete this mission. Because both of these levels are very difficult to complete.

If you complete all these levels and win the event. So you can get Gold Card, Spin, Coins, Pet XP, etc., in the Rewards. 
And if you want to know what rewards you have received in this Viking Quest, you can click on Mission Rewards (gift icons) on the right.

How to Win Viking Quest in Coin Master

The best method to win the Viking Quest Event. If you want to complete the Viking Quest event, keep reading. This is a popular event of Coin Master. So many people beat this event and try their best to get spins, coins, gold cards, and many other prizes.

If you want to complete this Viking Quest, here are a few things to keep in mind. Your village is about 50 levels, so you should have a minimum of 2000+ spins. And if your village is above 100, then you should have 5000+ spins.

You can play this event if you have enough spins. If not, do not use your spin in this event.

And before playing the Viking Quest event, you need to get a big raid for this event and collect enough coins, and then you can play this event.

Viking Quest Bonus Wheel Trick

This bonus wheel is the toughest in the Viking Quest event. And everyone has a hard time beating this bonus wheel. If you want to complete the level of this bonus wheel, you have to play on a high bet. Having a high bet will rapidly increase the percentage of missions and increase the chances of beating this bonus level. If you have enough coins, follow this method. I guarantee you 100% that you will complete this bonus wheel easily.

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