Get Coin Master Gold Cards - All Tricks to Get Gold Card

If you need to get the Coin Master Gold Card, then read this post to get all your card sets completed quickly. Here's how you can easily get your missing cards and new gold cards from the chest. Here are all the free tricks for you to get a golden card for Your Coin Master Game.

There are many ways to get these Gold Cards, such as Gold Trade Event, Viking, etc. But it is a little difficult for you to get your Gold Card. Because you can only get the cards mentioned in the Gold Trend event, and Viking is difficult to complete.


This is a good way to get all these cards from chats. But there are many rare gold cards that cannot be obtained by buying chats in a straightforward manner. But if you use a few tricks in buying chests you can easily get your card.

First, you will need a lot of coin master free spins, and Coins Link to buy chats. So you have collected the coins first so that you will have no problem buying chats. There are many people who use such a trick to get this gold card. And using this tactic, they have easily obtained a gold card. So for you, I have provided all these tricks here so that you can easily get Gold Cards.

It's a good idea to have a few tricks every time you buy chests. However, inside the village of Coin Master, gold cards and coin master rare cards are full. But only need to remove the coin master's cards from the inside using the correct trick. So let's see this trick.

Always keep in mind that when you do not go to a new village without completing the set of cards in the village. If you've used billions of coins to buy card chats, you can move to a new village. All the tricks are below.

New Coin Master tricks to find a New Gold Card.

We heard the coin master trick for gold cards from a coin master's chest. And then if we try the step by step trick according to the method, we get very good results. The trick is pretty simple.

  1. First, you have to move to a new village.
  2. And then you spin an estimated 7 to 12 on a 1x bat in the slots machine.
  3. Don't buy new stars by upgrading your pet or buying a house in the village.
  4. Now buy the wooden chests until you get the last golden card.
  5. Once you get the last golden card, start buying the magic chest.


Then if you buy some magical chests, you should get a new gold card, if you do not get the cards, then buy a few more chests, you will definitely get a golden card.

Most popular tricks to get golden cards for Coin Master

Let's look at a more popular trick to get a gold card. All of these methods are very popular, and people are very used to them.

The first method for the Golden Card

Whenever you move to a new village, all the village buildings have been updated with a single star. Now start buying chests, keep buying chests until you get a new golden card in chests.

Now, buy another star for all the buildings. And then buy the chests until you get another new gold card. And remember to buy all kinds of chests such as wooden chests, golden chests, magical chests, etc.

That way, keep repeating the process until you finish 5 stars of all the buildings in your village. And buy more than 100 million chests for a new gold card. And then buy a new star for your village building.

Another method for the Golden Card.

In this method, you will have to buy wooden chests until the last card inside the chests is 3 stars. And after getting the last 3 Star Cards, keep buying the Chests until you get the 5 Star Card in Golden Chests.

After getting a 5-star card in Golden Chests, buy Magic Chests until you get a new Gold Card. And if you get a new gold card, then repeat this method again in sequence.

The third method for the Golden Card

This method is a bit expensive, but you will get good results. Let's look at this method.

You will need to buy 30 chests of each type, such as the first 30 wooden chests, 30 golden chests, and then 30 magical chests. I'm sure you can get a new golden card for coin master by using this method.

This is the best Trick of getting gold cards from the chests

Experienced players of this game use this trick to get new gold cards from the chests. This tactic is used a lot and also proves that it works well.

The trick is to buy the next chests by guessing the last card received from the chests. Let's look at how the method works.

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Buy a wooden chest if the last card in it is 1 or 2 stars, then buy a wooden chest again. And if you get 3 or 4 stars on the last card, buy a golden chest. And if you get the last card of 5 stars then buy a magical chest.


Let's understand this trick a little easier.

  • If you want the last card from any chest to be 1 or 2 stars, always buy a wooden chest,
  • If you receive a 3 or 4-star card, buy a Golden Chest,
  • And buy a magic chest if you get a 5-star card.

Keep repeating the procedure this way, you will receive a new gold card shortly.

Which trick do you love to get gold cards for Coin Master?

We have always used this technique, and it works very well. This last trick is a favorite trick. And which one of these tactics is your favorite? Tell us that trick. And if you have another trick and that works well for you, share that trick with us. We hope this post has helped you. Thank you.

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