How To Get Big Raids in Coin Master - Maximum Bet Tricks

Coin Master Big Raids

Many people often ask me about Coin Master Big Raid. How to get a Big Raids in Coin Master. You have to take a risk to get a big raid. Keep Foxy active if you want to get a big raid. Let's have a few tricks so that you can get his coins by hitting a high raid from the one who has millions of coins in Coin Master. And you can enjoy using this coin to get new cards, complete your village, and play Viking Kuasat, etc.

Keep the Maximum Bet and Play.

If you get a big raid, you have to take a little risk. Let's take a little risk. If you have 1 thousand or more spins, you will have to use them when the big raid comes. But how to use this spin? Look the right way so you can get a big raid. First of all, you have to wait for a raid of more coins. Then maximize your bet as much as possible. Because when you bet 50x, you will also get the amount of raid (coins) multiplied by 50.

Maximum High Bet in Coin Master for a Huge Winning

Made more advances to the method we saw above for huge winning. You may sometimes see that the raid of the winner of millions of coins will come when you play the game. So we will try to steal his coins in a smart way to become a huge winner. If you have spins, you increase your maximum bat. Try to get a raid. And if you don't have more spins, you can get help from daily Coin Master free spins.

Use Foxy in Bigger Raids

Always use Foxy, and feed and activate your Foxy before going on a raid as this pet helps you get a big raid. And secondly, update your pet Foxy by using XP. If the pet's level is as high as it is, it will give you as many percent coins from the villages. And the coins looted by Foxy will also be multiplied with your bet. So you must use Foxy for big raids.

Don't waste all your spins in Big raid.

Be careful not to spoil all your spins. When you spin without any events or during the events, always make a pattern to spoil your spin. How to make a pattern in Coin Master. When playing Coin Master, you have to pay a little attention to the slots machine.

Let me explain
 if you have a raid or attack after 3 to 5 spins, then look at how many spins after another raid or attack. This way, you will get a pattern, and then you can save your spin by increasing or decreasing your bet accordingly.

Stack Your and Friend's Coins

Learn how to grab your friends' coins by trickery. We often grab friends' coins by raiding them. But that's not the right way if you get a big raid you can get good help from your friends. And it can help as well.

Let's see how. Tell your friend to try playing Coin Master with you at the same time. Then ask him to increase the coins by spinning. As well as you continue to spin, after a while, your friend's raid will show up in your Coin Master game. Then when you receive a raid in the slot machine, tell that friend to use those coins. So that he too will not be harmed, and you will get your raid. You can do the same thing for her.

The Baby Account Technique in Coin Master

If you have got a big ride, try this method. I'm sure this will work 100%, and you can easily get a big raid. In this method, you will have to create another Coin Master Game account on Facebook. And this Facebook account should only have you as a friend and no one else.

 This account is known as Baby or Child id. And in that child account, you have to collect coins using spin. Then take a raid of this child account by your main coin master. And there are many other benefits of this baby account, such as getting your missing cards and rare and gold cards, and much more.

Questions asked by people for Coin Master Big Raid.

How to change raid in coin master?

If you want to change the raid of Coin Master. You need to uninstall and reinstall the game from your mobile device. In this way, your raid will change. This way, you can easily change your Coin Master's raid.

How to hide the village in coin master?

Many people repeatedly ask, how can we hide our village in the coin master so that no one attacks or raids us. So let me tell you, don't try to protect the village, because there is no such trick to hide your village.

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