Boom Villages of Coin Master and list of all boom villages

First, let's know a little bit about Coin Master Boom villages. These are the villages where you can get your missing rare and gold cards. Many people have been playing This game for a long time but do not know about these villages. So read on to know more about these villages. Below you will find a list of Coin Master Boom villages.


Boom villages

These villages have been named Boom Villages by Skilled Players, separated from the Common Villages. Know the peculiarities of these villages if you spend more time in these villages and buy more chests through coins.

So you get a great chance to get your missing rare and gold card. If you do this, you will see better results. That is why such villages are called boom villages.

Buy More chests in these villages.

We bought all kinds of chests for cards in all the villages. But you always get a lot of common cards. And you can't find your missing card because some of the cards here are very rare. And it is rarely seen. And such cards are one in the villages. And another gold card that is a little harder to get from this chest too. 

So to get such cards, you can resort to these boom villages. Here is a good chance to get such a Coin Master Rare Card. If you buy a chest, you will also need coins. To get these coins, you can use the coin master spin link and coin link.

Coin Master Boom Villages List

Below is a list of all Coin Master's boom villages. This is a list of villages where people have received new cards. So don't wait and check your village on this list. The list includes the village levels and names. Go here for the coin master event list and schedule.

  • 05:- Far east
  • 07:- Sunny Hawai
  • 10:- Atlantis
  • 13:- Arabian nights
  • 15:- Wild West
  • 17:- Jungle
  • 20:- The Arctic
  • 22:- Candy land
  • 27:- Columbus
  • 30:- India
  • 34:- Dragon Lair
  • 35:- Greek Island
  • 37:- The Wizard
  • 40:- Area 51
  • 45:- Musketeers
  • 47:- Theme Park
  • 49:- Hell
  • 50:- Easter
  • 51:- Japan
  • 55:- Jurassic Ville
  • 57:- Mongolia
  • 60:- Robin Hood
  • 61:- Deep-Sea
  • 62:- Don Quixote
  • 65:- Olympus
  • 75:- Unicorn
  • 79:- Tin Soldier
  • 83:- Car Racing
  • 87:-  Baba Yaga
  • 90:- King Arthur
  • 93:- Caribbean Resort
  • 95:- Egyptian Pyramids
  • 98:- Milky Way
  • 102:- Goblin Ghetto
  • 105:- Circus
  • 107:- Golf Course
  • 110:- Rice Farmer
  • 112:- Irish Craic
  • 115:- Aztec
  • 117:- Ice Queen
  • 122:- Tennis
  • 125:- Witches
  • 127:- Zanzibar
  • 130:- Argentina
  • 135:- Gymnastics
  • 136:- New York
  • 138:- Punk Rock
  • 140:- Rio
  • 141:- Space Pirate
  • 142:- Mech Workshop
  • 143:- Jock & Jonna

Coin Master levels list

The level list of villages given above is not complete. These are the only villages where people have received more cards. And new villages are being added to this list and if you know what your village cost is. We do our best to complete this list. So you can get cards very quickly. And if you want to see a list of all the villages of Coin Master, you can see this post.

Which village is Better for You to Get the Cards?

If you have a village where you have received your missing cards. So share that village information with us. So that we can help each other. And everyone can benefit from this information. So don't forget to share the information in the comments.

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