Coin Master Villages - all Village list and Coin Master Tactics

If you want to finish the Coin Master game, you have to build all the villages. There are so many villages, but at the moment, there are 254 villages in Coin Master. And if you want to know the list of Coin Master Village.


So you go to the menu in the Coin Master game, click on the map, and see the village you are currently building or have yet to build. And if you scroll upward, you will see all the Villages that are there and have not been built yet, and all are locked. Read on to learn the tactics to complete the "Coin Master Village."

Quickly Complete Your Coin Master Village.

Except for some of the first villages, all the other Coin Master villages include 5 items. Each item has 5 stars. Thus all objects have a total of 25 stars. If you want to complete the village, you have to buy all these stars.

We have some tactics to complete these villages quickly. First of all, make sure that you have enough coins or spins to complete the village. If so, buy 5 stars of all the items in your village at once and complete your village. If you complete the village in this way, your friends or other enemies will not attack the village. And this is a tactic that is very much used in completing the villages of Coin Master. Get the daily coin master free 70 spins link on this page, collect this link before it expires. 

Village Master Events

The second trick is the way to complete your village through the village master event. During this event, you get spins, coins, and "XP for pets" as gifts. The cost of the village also goes down by a few percent, so you need a few coins. Pets are updated with XP, so your star and pet power also increases. These pets like Rhino, Foxy, Tiger, and their traits will help you complete the village.

How Many Villages in Coin Master Game

We have already discussed how many villages there are in Con Master and also mentioned about the list of Coin Master villages. I am sure you will find out how many villages there are following these steps. The number of villages is currently  254, and this number is gradually increasing with the update of the Coin Master Game.

list of Boom Villages

Boom villages list, this word will be new to many players, but let me tell you that these "boom villages in coin master" are very beneficial. In this list, you will find villages where you can spend more time and get your Rare Cards and Gold Cards, and you can also complete your rare card set. The list of these boom villages is made up of many skilled players from Coin Master. All the skilled players have spent a little more time in these villages and spent more coins on chests to get their missing cards.

You Want to Know Everything about the Villages?

If you want to know more about the village of Coin Master, tell us in the comments, we will do our best to solve your problem and try to answer your question.

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