Get Coin Master Gold Cards Free - New Viral Working Trick

Hello friends, today in this post we will see the tricks to get the new Coin Master's Golden Card for free. If you also want to get a gold card for free. So stay tuned with us.

get coin master gold card free

There are so many types it's hard to say. But you are not effective. That's why I've done a lot of research here and here are some tricks for you to get a free Coin Master Gold card that you can follow. And you can get the missing gold card in your Coin Master Card set.

Get gold cards for free from chests

The most acclaimed thing to get a card in Coin Master is Chests. It is very easy to get any wrong card from this chest. In which you have to buy various chests like wooden chest, golden chest and magical chest by giving coins.

But there is a pattern of buying chests to get any gold card or rare card. So you can quickly get a gold card for free. Below we have given you a method that you can follow.
  • The first step, buy at least 15 wooden chests.
  • Buy 12 gold chests after buying 15 wooden chests.
  • Buy 8 Magical Chests Now. And keep repeating.
By doing this you can get a gold card from Chestus quickly by spending fewer coins. And you have to repeat this process until you get a gold card or a Rare card.

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Use Facebook to get a free gold card

You can get Gold Card for free with the help of Facebook. That too in 2 different ways, let’s look at both ways here.

First Way

You can get your gold card for free from your Facebook friends who play Coin Master games every day. Follow this setup to get a free gold card from a Facebook friend.
  • Wait for the gold trade event.
  • Find the missing gold card of your card set with Facebook friends.
  • After the card is found. Transfer the card to you during a gold trade event.

Second Way

You can also get a Gold or Rare card from Facebook groups. Follow the steps below to know how to get Gold Card from Facebook Groups.
  • Find and join Active Coin Master Group on Facebook.
  • Now make a post in that Facebook group that needs a gold card. And ask for a card exchange.
  • And write in the post that anyone who has your missing card can comment in the post.
  • Anyone who agrees to give you your gold card can become a friend on Facebook and exchange cards with her.
This way you can get your missing coin master gold card for free. We hope you enjoy our post. Thank You.

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